History of the Museum

The Smile Face Museum was founded by Mark Sachs in 1992 in his Silver Spring, Maryland basement. It operated for 2 years in that location, with over 400 hundred items on display.

In 2014 The Smile Face Museum had exhibitions in Brooklyn, Richmond, and London. These exhibitions were organized by Adrienne Garbini, and featured the work of more than 100 artists and the collections of Sarah Jacobson, Rita Mageary, Emily Stebbins, and the Busy Beaver Button Museum. The Museum currently has roughly 5,000 objects in its permanent collection.

Video by Joshua Graver, 2014.

The Museum Today


The Museum is in storage, and travels for temporary exhibitions. The collection continues to grow with objects and images from across the globe.

The Museum documents and catalogs the archives of smile collectors and partners with hosts for exhibitions and events.
Please email info@thesmilefacemuseum.com with any questions.

The Smile Face Museum will have future exhibitions at The Range in Saguache, Colorado.

The Smile Face Museum